Drone as a Service (Daas)


We are DaaS Company-
"Drone as a Service" Company

DaaS is a one-point of the solution to the farmer over and above the drone spray services. Under DaaS, the farmers are been advised on RIGHT agronomy practices, RIGHT use of pesticides, RIGHT crop advisory, and RIGHT diagnosis. The drones & allied services are made accessible & affordable to the farmers. All the services are provided to farmers spontaneously on the farm by expert pilots who are well-trained in all the aspects of agronomy.

We are DaaS Company "Drone as a Service" Company

Drones are high-end technology. They are not user friendly until the pilot to operate the drones is trained & certified. We as  DaaS company make drone operations & foliar solutions simple and accessible to all farmers. We have built up an ecosystem where farmers can avail drones on rental. With rates as low as Rs.399 per acre as rent, farmers can avail of world-class technology and agronomy practices at their doorstep. DaaS as a concept, saves the lives of farmers, keeps them healthy, saves farmers time and money, and most importantly makes the crop HAPPY..

DaaS - Impact Idea

Drone as a Service ( read as Daas), is the impact idea to change the lives of farmers. Every year around approx. 8,000 farmers die and lakhs become sick due to accidental intake of pesticides. There is no record of how many farmers die a slow death due to accidental intake of pesticides. The excessive use of water and leaf drift of water is damaging soil, which is under already high stress due to the usage of chemical fertilizers. DaaS, with ease of availability and accessibility to farmers, is a sustainable solution and replacement to conventional sprayers used for spraying of pesticides. DaaS is the platform, where farmers can avail of high-end drone technology without owning the drone, with rates as low as Rs.399 per acre. The passionate team of DC Drones, makes sure smooth order accepting the process and delivery of drone foliar services at farms of the farmers. DaaS is changing the way farmers now do foliar of hazardous health pesticides to the farms. Drones are an effective way to spray pesticides and save lives, health, time, and money for farmers. The added precision agriculture services in terms of crop assessment, crop monitoring, crop advisory and Satellite imaging services are sure to increase the yileds and profitability of faming community.



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